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Thirteen New Federal Locality Pay Areas for 2016 -

Starting in January, 2016, there will be 13 new Federal Locality Pay Areas. The announcement came on Friday, May 22, 2015, as Beth Colbert, Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget, addressed members of the Federal Employee Union.

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This announcement means a larger locality adjustment for employees on the General Service (GS) and the Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) pay scales in one of these cities.

The 13 cities are:

As of 2015, locality adjustments are as high was 35% in San Fransisco and 24% in Washington D.C. Employees who do not work within an established Locality receive a 14.1% adjustment. Although the new locality rates have not yet been announced, employees in these cities stand to receive as much as a 10% raise starting in 2016.

A 2013 studies by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that employees in these 13 pay areas were paid significantly less than their non-federal counterpart. The President's Pay Agent and the Federal Salary Council began recommending increasing the locality rate in these 13 cities later that year. The new locality areas will help to reduce this pay disparity starting in 2016.

The current Federal Locality Adjust Rates can be found here:

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