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Federal Employee Profile — Eton E. Codling

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Eton E. Codling

Title: Agronomist

Agency: Agricultural Research Service

In 2018, Eton E. Codling was an Agronomist at the Agricultural Research Service in Beltsville, Maryland. As our dataset only goes as far back as 2004, it is likely that has worked in the federal government prior to 2004.

Eton E. Codling is a GS-14 under the general schedule payscale.

Year Occupation Paygrade Base Salary Bonus Location
2018 Agronomy GS-14 $130,692 $0 Beltsville, Maryland
2017 Agronomy GS-14 $130,692 $0 Beltsville, Maryland
2016 Agronomy GS-14 $127,036 $0 Beltsville, Maryland
2015 Agronomy GS-14 $121,635 $0 Beltsville, Maryland
2014 Agronomy GS-14 $120,429 $0 Beltsville, Maryland
2013 Agronomy GS-13 $109,807 $0 Beltsville, Maryland
2012 Agronomy GS-13 $109,807 $0 Beltsville, Maryland
2011 Agronomy GS-13 $106,839 $800 Beltsville, Maryland
2010 Agronomy GS-13 $100,904 $883 Beltsville, Maryland
2009 Agronomy GS-13 $98,518 $0 Beltsville, Maryland
2008 Agronomy GS-13 $91,259 $0 Beltsville, Maryland
2007 Agronomy GS-13 $87,338 $0 Beltsville, Maryland
2006 Agronomy GS-13 $82,509 $0 Beltsville, Maryland
2005 Agronomy GS-12 $75,460 $0 Beltsville, Maryland
2004 Agronomy GS-12 $68,722 $0 Beltsville, Maryland
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Eton E. Codling's 2018 pay is 34% higher than the average Agronomist across all agencies.
Eton E. Codling's 2018 pay is 144% higher than the average pay of a GS employee at the Agricultural Research Service.
Eton E. Codling's pay trend during his or her government career in the Agricultural Research Service:

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