Highest-Paid Employees of the Commission on Civil Rights

$112,703.02 AVERAGE PAY

This table shows the top-earning Federal employees of the Commission on Civil Rights in 2014, based on OPM data (base salary + bonuses).

The majority of these top-earning employees work in District Of Columbia.

Some employee names may be withheld by the OPM or individual agencies.
Rank Name Occupation Total Pay Location
1 Ivy Davis Civil Rights Analysis $157,100 DC
2 Tinalouise Nmn Martin Miscellaneous Administration And Program $157,100 DC
3 Michael J. Yaki Civil Rights Analysis $155,502 CA
4 Patrici Timmons-Goodson Civil Rights Analysis $155,502 NC
5 Karen K. Narasaki Civil Rights Analysis $155,502 DC
6 David Kladney Civil Rights Analysis $155,502 NV
7 Peter N. Kirsanow Civil Rights Analysis $155,502 OH
8 Gail Heriot Civil Rights Analysis $155,502 CA
9 Roberta Achtenberg Civil Rights Analysis $155,502 CA
10 Martin Castro Civil Rights Analysis $155,502 IL
11 Peter Minarik Civil Rights Analysis $153,543 CA
12 Marlene Sallo Program Management $141,400 DC
13 Jennifer Cron-Hepler General Attorney $138,136 DC
14 Name Withheld by the OPM Budget Analysis $138,136
15 Margaret A. Butler Civil Rights Analysis $134,595 DC
16 David J. Mussatt Program Management $134,272 IL
17 Rorey Smith General Attorney $133,328 DC
18 Pamela Ann Dunston Support Services Administration $131,053 DC
19 Barbara J. Delaviez Civil Rights Analysis $127,512 DC
20 Lenore S. Ostrowsky General Attorney $127,512 DC
21 Malee V. Craft Civil Rights Analysis $125,767 CO
22 Angela N. French-Bell Civil Rights Analysis $124,995 DC
23 Myrna Hernandez Human Resources Management $116,901 DC
24 Michele Y. Ramey Information Technology Management $113,904 DC
25 Alison E. Somin Miscellaneous Administration And Program $113,346 DC
26 Alec Haniford Deull Miscellaneous Administration And Program $110,075 NY
27 Juana Silverio Miscellaneous Administration And Program $106,263 DC
28 Jeffrey J. Hinton Civil Rights Analysis $105,446 GA
29 Janice M. Minor Human Resources Management $98,916 DC
30 Carissa Beth Mulder Miscellaneous Administration And Program $92,922 DC
31 Sean J. Goliday Social Science $89,924 DC
32 Latrice Downing Foshee Civil Rights Analysis $77,813 DC
33 Angelica Trevino Civil Rights Analysis $56,938 CA
34 Carolyn Allen Secretary $55,813 IL
35 Alfreda E. Greene Secretary $55,421 DC
36 Evelyn S. Bohor Secretary $54,662 CO
37 Teresa M. Brooks Equal Opportunity Assistance $52,579 DC
38 Corrine Nmn Sanders Secretary $48,321 KS
39 Lillian M. Dunlap Secretary $48,315 DC
40 Jeffrey Joseph Admin And Office Support Student Trainee $27,400 DC
41 Dyneisha S. Perkins Admin And Office Support Student Trainee $27,400 DC

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