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Highest-Paid Employees of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission

$118,516.63 AVERAGE PAY

This table shows the top-earning Federal employees of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission in 2018, based on OPM data (base salary + bonuses).

The majority of these top-earning employees work in District Of Columbia.

Some employee names may be withheld by the OPM or individual agencies.
Rank Name Occupation Total Pay Location
1 John McWilliam Program Management $179,655 DC
2 Thomas P. McCarthy Administrative Law Judge $172,100 DC
3 Kenneth Rigdon Andrews Administrative Law Judge $172,100 PA
4 Jacqueline R. Bulluck Administrative Law Judge $172,100 DC
5 Jerold Feldman Administrative Law Judge $172,100 DC
6 Lloyd Zane Gill Administrative Law Judge $172,100 DC
7 Robert J. Lesnick Administrative Law Judge $172,100 DC
8 John Kent Lewis Administrative Law Judge $172,100 PA
9 Richard W. Manning Administrative Law Judge $172,100 CO
10 Margaret A. Miller Administrative Law Judge $172,100 CO
11 William Bruce Moran Administrative Law Judge $172,100 DC
12 Alan George Paez Administrative Law Judge $172,100 DC
13 Priscilla M. Rae Administrative Law Judge $172,100 DC
14 David Paul Simonton Administrative Law Judge $172,100 CO
15 William Sherman Steele Administrative Law Judge $172,100 PA
16 Michael A. McCord General Attorney $172,100 DC
17 William I. Althen Miscellaneous Administration And Program $165,300 DC
18 Elizabeth Sarah Symonds General Attorney $161,900 DC
19 Thomas A. Stock General Attorney $161,900 DC
20 Sarah L. Stewart General Attorney $161,900 DC
21 Patrick K. Nakamura General Attorney $161,900 DC
22 Lisa M. Boyd Miscellaneous Administration And Program $158,123 DC
23 Robert F. Cohen Miscellaneous Administration And Program $155,500 DC
24 Michael G. Young Miscellaneous Administration And Program $155,500 DC
25 Mary Lucille Jordan Miscellaneous Administration And Program $155,500 DC
26 John T. Sullivan General Attorney $145,629 DC
27 Linda Hong Hanh Wiles General Attorney $145,629 DC
28 Kristin Lee Abramson General Attorney $131,767 DC
29 Michelle Venita Williams General Attorney $130,692 DC
30 Rory Patrick Smith General Attorney $123,223 DC
31 Barrett Stacey Deon Demps General Attorney $123,223 DC
32 Christopher Eric Beccles Information Technology Management $103,639 DC
33 Tanya Michaela Whisnant General Attorney $101,116 DC
34 Michael Cole General Attorney $101,116 DC
35 Dhruba Mukherjee General Attorney $101,116 DC
36 Thaddeus Jason Riley General Attorney $101,116 DC
37 Christina Elizabeth Rosas Miscellaneous Administration And Program $100,981 DC
38 Colin Kleivdal Dobbins General Attorney $97,956 DC
39 Kevin Specht Vandyke General Attorney $96,068 CO
40 Moshe Zvi Marvit General Attorney $90,835 PA
41 Brooke Elise Brutley Miscellaneous Administration And Program $87,693 DC
42 Pamela Ionie Chisholm Miscellaneous Administration And Program $84,243 DC
43 Thomas Petschauer General Attorney $82,377 DC
44 Lane Carter Tellinghuisen General Attorney $82,377 DC
45 Tracey D. Edwards-Fields Miscellaneous Administration And Program $82,377 DC
46 Roshan Dhillon General Attorney $82,377 DC
47 Timothy Baker General Attorney $82,377 DC
48 Michael Robert Small General Attorney $82,377 DC
49 Sarah Nolan General Attorney $80,789 CO
50 Christiana Clark Cooley General Attorney $79,720 DC
51 Edward Y. Toyozaki General Attorney $79,720 DC
52 Katherine Jeanine Perino General Attorney $79,720 DC
53 Irene V. Nemesio General Attorney $79,720 DC
54 Elias James Thomas General Attorney $78,183 CO
55 Kathleen T. Wysocki General Attorney $76,389 PA
56 Lynn S. Harley Legal Assistance $71,467 DC
57 Emogene Johnson Miscellaneous Clerk And Assistant $67,801 DC
58 Magdalena Herrera Legal Assistance $64,699 DC
59 Keith E. Jones Legal Assistance $61,382 DC
60 Cindi Anita Cowan Legal Assistance $58,572 CO
61 Shampa Enayet Legal Assistance $56,406 DC
62 Pamela Renee Champ Legal Assistance $53,088 DC
63 Danielle Camille Points Legal Assistance $53,088 DC
64 Charles Alonzo Tolbert Legal Assistance $53,088 DC
65 Brittany C. Smith Legal Assistance $50,767 PA

Data Sources

The information provided on these pages is sourced from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Enterprise Human Resources Integration (EHRI) dataset. Postal Service data is managed exclusively by the USPS . All information is displayed unmodified and as provided by the source agency.

Federal employee salaries are public information under open government laws (5 U.S.C. § 552). FederalPay provides this data in the interest of government transparency — employee data may not be used for commercial soliciting or vending of any kind. Learn more about the FederalPay Employees Dataset here.

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