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Psychologist - Federal Salaries of 2012

Pay Rates for "Psychologist"

How much does a Psychologist in the federal government get paid? $90,379.84* *Based on the 2012 average.

Psychologist was the 49th most popular job in the U.S. Government in 2012, with 6,190 employed. The most common payscale was the general schedule payscale.

In 2012, the Veterans Health Administration hired the most employees titled Psychology, with an average salary of $87,177.

Government Psychology jobs are classified under the General Schedule (GS) payscale. The minimum paygrade for a Psychology job is GS-6, and the highest paygrade that can be attained within this job series is GS-15. Remember that the starting and maximum yearly pay listed above reflect base pay only - your actual salary will be higher based on the Locality Pay Adjustment for the area in which you work.

Job Description

This occupation includes positions involving professional work relating to the behavior, capacities, traits, interests and activities of human and animal organisms. This work may involve any one or a combination of the following functions: (1) experimenting with or systematically observing organisms to develop scientific principles or laws concerning the relationship of behavior to factors of environment, experience or physiology, or to develop practical applications of findings, (2) applying professional knowledges of psychological principles, theories, methods or data to practical situations and problems, and (3) providing consultative services or training in psychological principles, theories, methods, and techniques to advance knowledge of them and their appropriate use.

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professions fall under this job category. Due to the growing focus of them STEM fields, individuals in this job category tend to advance more quickly than employees in the other job categories. Jobs in this category are being added quickly and many organizations have trouble finding qualified individuals. Individuals in this job category typically recieve pormotions of 2 grade increases at a time until they reach GS-12.

Agencies that have hired a Psychologist

Agency Employees Hired Average Salary
Veterans Health Administration 4,999 $87,176.56
Bureau of Prisons/Federal Prison System 501 $96,234.48
National Institutes of Health 144 $112,296.69
Office of Personnel Management 69 $103,006.19
Indian Health Service 61 $101,270.57
Federal Aviation Administration 54 $120,146.50
Office Secretary Health and Human Services 50 $87,620.20
Veterans Benefits Administration 28 $101,530.11
Ames Research Center 26 $151,572.92
Food and Drug Administration 26 $122,594.31
Bureau of Customs and Border Protection 21 $117,670.10
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 20 $93,600.50
Office of the Secretary, Research and Technology 19 $103,812.89
Environmental Protection Agency 14 $110,521.93
Indian Affairs 12 $67,813.75
Forest Service 10 $57,155.50
Consumer Product Safety Commission 10 $117,968.80
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 10 $106,152.60
National Science Foundation 9 $129,877.89
Nuclear Regulatory Commission 9 $119,600.67
Transportation Security Administration 8 $106,195.38
Federal Bureau of Investigation 7 $125,175.71
Drug Enforcement Administration 5 $119,004.40
U.S. Secret Service 5 $121,712.80
U.S. Coast Guard 4 $109,812.50
Ous for Science and Technology 4 $128,951.00
Merit Systems Protection Board 4 $118,361.00
Bureau of the Census 4 $114,700.00
Bureau of Labor Statistics 4 $111,551.75
Corporation for National and Community Service 4 $73,710.00
Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center 4 $139,549.00
Internal Revenue Service 4 $117,440.50
Office of the Director 3 $96,302.00
Patent and Trademark Office 3 $108,363.67
Social Security Administration 3 $136,658.67
Federal Railroad Administration 3 $129,195.00
Assistant Secretary for Human Resources Management 3 $96,233.00
Peace Corps 2 $94,449.00
Securities and Exchange Commission 2 $169,489.50
Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection 2 $0.00
Department of Homeland Security Headquarters 2 $128,304.50
National Transportation Safety Board 2 $123,244.00
Federal Highway Administration 2 $107,444.50
National Archives and Records Administration 1 $99,913.00
Agricultural Research Service 1 $136,770.00
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 1 $155,500.00
National Institute of Standards and Technology 1 $132,128.00
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Service Administration 1 $155,500.00
U.S. Marshals Service 1 $127,883.00
Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers 1 $90,005.00
Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs 1 $136,771.00
Department of Energy 1 $112,370.00
Export-Import Bank of the United States 1 $74,872.00
Department of State 1 $112,224.00
Government Printing Office 1 $126,251.00
Langley Research Center 1 $98,187.00
Dryden Flight Research Center 1 $129,239.00

Psychologist Pay Distribution

The average pay for a Psychologist is $90,379.84. The highest paid Psychologist made $248,888 in 2012.

Common Psychologist Payscales

Payscale Number of Psychology Employees
GS - General Schedule 5,052
AD - Administratively Determined Rates, Not E 955
FV - Faa Core Compensation Plan 37
GM - Emp Covered By Pmrs Termination Provisns 28
EI - Advisory Committee Member (other) 22
FG - Similar To The General Schedule 17
EG - Consultant (other) 15
CY - Contract Education--school Year 12
SV - Trans Security Admin Emp Other Than Exec 8
GG - Grades Similar To General Schedule 8
EF - Consultant (5 U.s.c. 3109) 7
NY - All Other Positions In The Corporation 4
GL - Gs Emp Grades 3-10 Paid Leo Special Rate 3
SR - Statutory Rates Not Elsewhere Specified 3
ES - Senior Executive Service 3
FP - Foreign Service Personnel 2
SK - Sec Emp Formerly Under Gs, Gm, And Ez 2
ED - Expert (5 U.s.c. 3109) 2
CN - Bur Of (cfpb) An Indep Ag Within Frs 2
SN - Senior Level System 1
ZA - Administrative 1
RS - Senior Biomedical Research Service 1
PG - Printing Office Grades 1
EH - Advisory Committee Member (5 U.s.c. 3109 1
EE - Expert (other) 1
EX - Executive Pay 1
ST - Scientific And Professional 1

Starting Paygrade: $33,567.00 / year base pay at paygrade GS-6, Step 1
Maximum Paygrade: $142,180.00 / year base pay at paygrade GS-15, Step 10
Category: Professional and Scientific

Other Jobs at the GS-6 Paygrade

GS-6 is the starting paygrade for Psychology jobs. Here are some other Federal Government jobs that can be held by employees at the GS-6 paygrade.

Occupation Occupation Category Starting Paygrade Maximum Paygrade
General Education and TrainingProfessional and ScientificGS-6GS-15
Range TechnicianTechnical and Medical SupportGS-1GS-9
Social WorkProfessional and ScientificGS-6GS-15
Health PhysicsProfessional and ScientificGS-6GS-15
Electronics EngineeringProfessional and ScientificGS-6GS-15

Average Psychology Pay Trend from 2004 to 2018

In 2004, the average pay for a Psychologist was $76,433. Since then, the average pay has increased to $94,746 in 2018.

Data Sources

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The series code of this occupation is 0180.

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