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Highest-Paid Employees of the Office of Secretary of Labor

$163,430.71 AVERAGE PAY

This table shows the top-earning Federal employees of the Office of Secretary of Labor in 2018, based on OPM data (base salary + bonuses).

The majority of these top-earning employees work in District Of Columbia.

Some employee names may be withheld by the OPM or individual agencies.
Rank Name Occupation Total Pay Location
1 Rene Alexander Acosta Program Management $199,700 DC
2 Nancy M. Rooney Miscellaneous Administration And Program $187,000 DC
3 Nicholas C. Geale General Attorney $179,700 DC
4 Robert Frank Bozzuto Miscellaneous Administration And Program $176,000 DC
5 Paul R. Almanza Administrative Law Judge $172,100 DC
6 Natalie A. Appetta Administrative Law Judge $172,100 PA
7 William Thomas Barto Administrative Law Judge $172,100 DC
8 Alan L. Bergstrom Administrative Law Judge $172,100 VA
9 Steven B. Berlin Administrative Law Judge $172,100 CA
10 Carrie Anne Bland Administrative Law Judge $172,100 DC
11 Jonathan C. Calianos Administrative Law Judge $172,100 MA
12 Richard M. Clark Administrative Law Judge $172,100 CA
13 William S. Colwell Administrative Law Judge $172,100 DC
14 Morris D. Davis Administrative Law Judge $172,100 DC
15 Jennifer Nmn Gee Administrative Law Judge $172,100 CA
16 Colleen A. Geraghty Administrative Law Judge $172,100 MA
17 Lystra A. Harris Administrative Law Judge $172,100 NJ
18 Stephen R. Henley Administrative Law Judge $172,100 DC
19 Paul C. Johnson Administrative Law Judge $172,100 VA
20 Joseph E. Kane Administrative Law Judge $172,100 OH
21 Clement J. Kennington Administrative Law Judge $172,100 LA
22 John Christopher Larsen Administrative Law Judge $172,100 CA
23 Timothy J. McGrath Administrative Law Judge $172,100 MA
24 Larry S. Merck Administrative Law Judge $172,100 DC
25 Richard A. Morgan Administrative Law Judge $172,100 PA
26 Scott R. Morris Administrative Law Judge $172,100 NJ
27 Evan Hansen Nordby Administrative Law Judge $172,100 CA
28 Adele H. Odegard Administrative Law Judge $172,100 NJ
29 Larry W. Price Administrative Law Judge $172,100 LA
30 Lee J. Romero Administrative Law Judge $172,100 LA
31 Dana A. Rosen Administrative Law Judge $172,100 VA
32 Patrick M. Rosenow Administrative Law Judge $172,100 LA
33 John P. Sellers Administrative Law Judge $172,100 OH
34 Peter B. Silvain Administrative Law Judge $172,100 OH
35 Daniel F. Solomon Administrative Law Judge $172,100 DC
36 Drew A. Swank Administrative Law Judge $172,100 PA
37 Larry A. Temin Administrative Law Judge $172,100 OH
38 Theresa C. Timlin Administrative Law Judge $172,100 NJ
39 Alec J. Koromilas General Attorney $170,400 DC
40 Patricia C. Fitzgerald General Attorney $170,395 DC
41 Christopher J. Godfrey General Attorney $170,395 DC
42 Judith S. Boggs General Attorney $170,309 DC
43 Edward Cooper Brown General Attorney $170,309 DC
44 Betty Jean Hall General Attorney $170,309 DC
45 Paul M. Igasaki General Attorney $170,309 DC
46 Malcolm D. Nelson General Attorney $170,309 DC
47 Ryan C. Gilligan General Attorney $170,306 DC
48 Molly Elizabeth Conway Miscellaneous Administration And Program $167,610 DC
49 Tracy A. Daly Administrative Law Judge $162,810 LA
50 Holmes Tiffany D. Allen Miscellaneous Administration And Program $161,900 DC
51 Nalini V. Close Miscellaneous Administration And Program $161,900 DC
52 Judith D. Heimlich Miscellaneous Administration And Program $161,900 DC
53 Angel L. Perez Miscellaneous Administration And Program $161,900 DC
54 Patricia A. Soto Miscellaneous Administration And Program $161,900 DC
55 Elizabeth A. Way Miscellaneous Administration And Program $161,900 DC
56 Frank W. Clubb Administrative Officer $161,900 DC
57 Pedro Martin Allende General Attorney $161,900 DC
58 Mark A. Alsobrook General Attorney $161,900 DC
59 Janet R. Dunlop General Attorney $161,900 DC
60 Harrell Valerie D. Evans General Attorney $161,900 DC
61 Sandra Beth Falzone General Attorney $161,900 DC
62 Daniel T. Gresh General Attorney $161,900 DC
63 Astra K. Grinvalds General Attorney $161,900 DC
64 Carolita V. Jones General Attorney $161,900 DC
65 Karen H. Koenig General Attorney $161,900 DC
66 James M. Little General Attorney $161,900 DC
67 Paul Joseph Ray General Attorney $161,900 DC
68 Loretta Santacroce General Attorney $161,900 DC
69 Priscilla Anne Schwab General Attorney $161,900 DC
70 Thomas Shepherd General Attorney $161,900 DC
71 Beth S. Slavet General Attorney $161,900 DC
72 Todd R. Smyth General Attorney $161,900 DC
73 Glenn E. Ulmer General Attorney $161,900 DC
74 Mahesh Kanti Patel Information Technology Management $161,900 DC
75 Edmund C. Moy Miscellaneous Administration And Program $160,438
76 Steven D. Bell Administrative Law Judge $158,962 OH
77 Roxanne Vezzetti Harbour General Attorney $158,123 DC
78 Jonathan P. Rolfe General Attorney $155,804 DC
79 Gordon T. Smith General Attorney $153,730 DC
80 Steven C. Kentner Information Technology Management $153,730 DC
81 Jerry R. Demaio Administrative Law Judge $147,387 MA
82 Coby D. Gallo General Attorney $147,129 DC
83 Michael D. Farren Information Technology Management $146,088 DC
84 Timothy H. Deliman General Attorney $145,629 DC
85 James D. Gaddy General Attorney $145,629 DC
86 Deanna Lynne Gazda General Attorney $145,629 DC
87 Stacy Vawn Killen General Attorney $145,629 DC
88 David T. Kormis General Attorney $145,629 DC
89 Patricia J. Lucas General Attorney $145,629 DC
90 Alan H. Melusen General Attorney $145,629 DC
91 Leslie H. Scheiner General Attorney $145,629 DC
92 Ann E. Waite General Attorney $145,629 DC
93 Michelle S. Bluitt Miscellaneous Administration And Program $144,945 DC
94 Leo Marvin Mendoza Lestino Miscellaneous Administration And Program $144,945 DC
95 Dolejsi Briana Fields General Attorney $144,945 DC
96 Aubrey K. Gordon General Attorney $144,945 DC
97 Monica Finch Markley Administrative Law Judge $143,480 VA
98 Laurel E. Pepper General Attorney $141,894 DC
99 Kevin Jackson Miscellaneous Administration And Program $140,552 DC
100 Thomas H. Burrell General Attorney $140,552 DC

Data Sources

The information provided on these pages is sourced from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Enterprise Human Resources Integration (EHRI) dataset. Postal Service data is managed exclusively by the USPS . All information is displayed unmodified and as provided by the source agency.

Federal employee salaries are public information under open government laws (5 U.S.C. § 552). FederalPay provides this data in the interest of government transparency — employee data may not be used for commercial soliciting or vending of any kind. Learn more about the FederalPay Employees Dataset here.

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