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PPP Loan Data — Jakov Dulcich & Sons, LLC, Mcfarland, CA

SBA PPP loan data, payroll data, and salaries for Jakov Dulcich & Sons, LLC

Jakov Dulcich & Sons, LLC

Entity: Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Industry: Grape Vineyards

Location: Mcfarland, CA

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Jakov Dulcich & Sons, LLC is a limited liability company (LLC) located at 31956 Peterson Rd in Mcfarland, California that received a Coronavirus-related PPP loan from the SBA of $2,667,789.00 in May, 2020.

$ PPP Loan Information

Loan Size:


Jobs Retained:


Loan Approved:




Jakov Dulcich & Sons, LLC in Mcfarland, CA received a Paycheck Protection Loan of $2.67M through BANK OF AMERICA, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, which was approved in May, 2020.

Based on standard PPP eligibility rules, Jakov Dulcich & Sons, LLC's total 2019 payroll expenses were approximately $12.81M in order to qualify for the PPP loan amount received.

Based on their reported 266 jobs retained, this equals an estimated average yearly compensation of $48,141 per employee1.

Because the loan received by Jakov Dulcich & Sons, LLC is at least $2M dollars, it is subject to a full review by the SBA to ensure eligibility and compliance with PPP program requirements.

Business Information - Jakov Dulcich & Sons, LLC in Mcfarland, CA

Jakov Dulcich & Sons, LLC
31956 Peterson Rd
Mcfarland, CA 93250

Business Industry

Grape Vineyards (NAICS code 111332)

Business Owner Demographics

Race / Ethnicity: Unreported

Gender: Unreported

Veteran Status: Unreported

Congressional District: CA-21

Similar Companies near Mcfarland

In the Mcfarland area, 7 businesses in the "Grape Vineyards" industry received a PPP loan. These local businesses reported an average of 80 employees (compared to this company's 266) and received an average PPP loan of $845,325 (compared to this company's $2.67M).

Industry PPP Comparison Statistics

Nationwide, 952 businesses in the "Grape Vineyards" industry received a total of $140,780,466.00 in PPP loans. These businesses account for 0% of total PPP applications submitted, and received 0% of the total PPP funding allocated.

PPP recipients in this industry report an average of 17 employees, 94% lower than Jakov Dulcich & Sons, LLC's reported 266 employees, and received an average PPP loan of $147,879, 94% lower than this company's loan of $2.67M.

FederalPay's PPP Information Policy

Paycheck Protection Loan data has been made public by the Small Business Administration (SBA) for all private companies that received a PPP loan. All information displayed on this page is publicly available information under PPP loan guidelines, and is published unmodified, as provided by the SBA.

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Footnotes & Information

1. Payroll and salary estimates assume the borrower used the standard PPP calculation of 2.5 x average 2019 monthly payroll costs to determine PPP loan eligibility. Calculation methods vary based on entity type. Please read the latest official SBA PPP calculation rules for a full explanation of PPP loan amount calculation methods.

2. If a company's reported number of employees divided by the maximum PPP range amount per the SBA is greater than $100,000, the estimated maximum PPP loan received by the company can be adjusted down to assume no more than $100,000 yearly salary per employee was used in the PPP application. While employees at the company may earn more, $100k / employee is the maximum amount that can be used in PPP eligibility calculations.

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