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Joint Forces

At Basic Training, new recruits must memorize their Chain of Command, beginning with their Drill Instructors and culminating with the President of the United States. All servicemembers, at any given point in time, are simultaneously part of both an administrative and operational Chain of Command. The adminstrative command trains and equips the servicemember, and the operational command gives them missions. A Soldier stationed at Fort Bragg, NC, but deployed to Rhein-Main Air Base in Germany, is trained and outfitted by US Army Forces Command (FORSCOM), and given operational tasking by European Command (EUCOM). Combatant Commanders are Joint—they can be Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force.

All the branches have common functions and assets. Each branch, for example, has intelligence services, logistics networks, aircraft, and transport vessels. While the Defense Department continues to conserve resources by getting rid of un-needed redundancy, each branch is still deeply rooted in its own culture. America's Army and Navy were founded during the Revolutionary War. For 200 years, the Army fought wars on land and the Navy fought wars at sea. As conflicts grew in scale, so did the need for Generals and Admirals who understood how to effectively utilize our entire nation's Armed Forces. The urgent need for "Joint" (unified) efforts continues today. All Officers who wish to make a career out of the military must understand this, and eventually serve in a Joint capacity.

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