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Hawaii Per Diem Rates for 2017

There are 20 areas in Hawaii for which location-specific per diem rates are specified by the federal government. For travel to areas within Hawaii that do not have specified per diem rates, the general per diem rates are used.

The per diem rates shown here are effective October 2016. For a full schedule of per diem rates by month and year for these areas, click on any of the Hawaii destination names below.

General Hawaii Per Diems:


per night lodging


per day meals

There are no per-diem locations specified for Hawaii in 2017.

The entire state may be covered by the general per diem rates or, in the case of Alaska and Hawaii, per-diem rates for non-continental destinations are not set by the GSA. Foreign per-diem rates are instead set by the Department of State.

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Per-diems for other cities in Hawaii:

If you are travelling to a city in Hawaii that does not have a specific per diem rate (including Hilo, Honolulu, Kaneohe, Kauai, Kekaha, Pearl Harbor, Wahiawa, Wailuku and Waimanalo), the standard per-diem rates of $91.00 per night for lodging and $51.00 per day for meals and incidentals apply.

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